Our Team

The idea to form a company that creates high quality investment opportunities from geographies with thin commercialization resources was conceived over lunch by two Stanford University classmates.

Isaac Barchas, then the leader of the University of Texas at Austin’s technology incubator, discussed how the commercialization opportunities for preeminent innovators and their research were compromised because of their distance from the Bay Area and Boston.

Reid Hoffman, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist, recognized the exceptional value of midcontinent innovators and the potential use of data analytics to find them.

Together, they developed a novel means of bridging these highly productive resources, founding a company that requires an equally novel operating team.

The Research Bridge Partners team consists of experts in translational research, investment banking, venture capital, management consulting, data analytics and biomedicine.

Lydia V. McClure
Lydia McClure CEO
CTO, Procter & Gamble (former)
Gil Cloyd Director
CTO, Procter & Gamble (former)
CEO, Ocera Therapeutics (former)
Linda Grais Director
CEO, Ocera Therapeutics (former)
Board Chair
Partner, Greylock Partners
Reid Hoffman Board Chair
Partner, Greylock Partners
Isaac Barchas Special Advisor
Venture Partner
Associate Professor, UPenn Medicine
Sunil Singhal Venture Partner
Associate Professor, UPenn Medicine
Managing Director of Investments
Jim Graham Managing Director of Investments
Director of Operations & Finance
Ryan Field Chief of Staff
Lindsay Dow - Principal
Lindsay Dow Principal
Maggie Colonnetta
Maggie Colonnetta Senior Associate
Andrew Cox Associate