Our Approach

How We Bridge Preeminent Innovators with San Francisco and Boston

Silicon Valley’s core investment philosophy is “bet on founders.” Research Bridge Partners takes that philosophy and extends it to midcontinent university scientists: we bet on the labs and the scientists who have or will co-found the company. That’s why Research Bridge Partners invented analytics to identify preeminent researchers whose talent and mindset can lead to pivotal advancements and who can be serial co-founders of successful science-based startups.

Our proprietary analytics study factors ranging from the volume and velocity of an innovator’s published research to the unconventionality of the research itself. This lets us create a heatmap reflecting the researcher’s unique approach to science. We also examine the ecosystem surrounding individual researchers.

Once we find these researchers, we position them to succeed by giving them the same support that they would have if they were in one of the deep, liquid commercialization markets on the coasts. Trying to do everything locally – as some university- and regionally-focused initiatives endeavor – inevitably hamstrings the researchers’ prospects for success, due to thin commercial networks and the inability to configure the market incentives downstream investors require.

We invest both not-for-profit and for-profit and capital. While both types of capital reside in separate funds, they nevertheless complement one another in the overall financial returns on our investments. The not-for-profit capital underwrites the cost of identifying and readying individual startup opportunities for downstream investors, whereas the for-profit capital enhances the returns on program related investments.
By investing both not-for-profit and for-profit capital, we enable investors to achieve their investment objectives—financial, societal, or a combination thereof.

Our approach is informed by the experiences of our co-founders: Isaac Barchas, who has deep roots in mid-continent translational research, and Reid Hoffman, who has successfully scaled Silicon Valley startups for decades.

Scientific Co-Founder of Successful Startups

Non-Commercializing Nobel Laureate

The images illustrate the distinguishing characteristics of a mid-continent innovator who has co-founded successful scientific startups (left) and a non-commercializing Noble Laureate (right) in comparable fields of biomedical research. (Source: Research Bridge Partners model and analysis.)