Research Bridge Partners Makes Seed Capital Investment In Erisyon, Inc.

— University of Texas spinout is developing world’s first single-molecule protein sequencing platform —

AUSTIN, TX (November 30, 2020) – Research Bridge Partners— a 501 (c) (3) organization that makes formative investments in biomedical startup companies based on the breakthroughs of preeminent innovators at mid-continent research universities—announced a previous investment of seed capital in Erisyon, Inc.

A spin-out from the University of Texas at Austin, Erisyon was co-founded by Professors Edward Marcotte and Eric Anslyn with Jag Swaminathan, Angela Bardo, Zack Simpson and CEO Talli Somekh.

“Erisyon is commercializing the world’s first single molecule protein sequencer to transform the way we detect, treat, and track disease,” said Talli Somekh, CEO of Erisyon. “The technology brings the advantages of next generation DNA sequencing to proteins with the ultimate sensitivity of a single molecule, massive throughput with up to billions of parallel experiments, and absolute quantification of proteins with digital counts of molecules in a sample.”

Erisyon was founded in 2018 shortly before a landmark paper was published in Nature Biotechnologydetailing the technology. The company was recently awarded a prestigious grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation to use single molecule protein sequencing in the validation of biomarkers for Parkinson’s diagnostics.

Research Bridge Partners’ investment will help fund development of core platform technologies, intellectual property, and key applications. Concomitant with the investment, RBP Catalyst Director, Jim Graham, will join the Erisyon Board of Directors.

“We are delighted to be working with Jim and RBP to revolutionize the field of proteomics. RBP’s belief in Erisyon and its commitment to building companies in the middle of the United States is gratifying,” said Somekh.

About Research Bridge Partners

Research Bridge Partners, a 501 (c) (3) organization, makes formative investments in biomedical startup companies based on the breakthroughs of preeminent innovators at mid-continent research universities—creating high quality investment opportunities that are sourced from geographies with thinner commercialization resources.

Founded by Isaac Barchas and Reid Hoffman, we use proprietary analytics to identify the less than 1% of academic researchers nationwide whose science and entrepreneurial mindsets are characteristic of successful biomedical startups. We then make seed capital and scaling investments and establish effective corporate structures to create portfolio-ready opportunities for downstream investors.

About Erisyon

Erisyon is developing the world’s first single molecule protein sequencer. Inheriting work developed over the course of the past decade at the University of Texas Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology, Erisyon was founded by a group of technologists and entrepreneurs with the ambition to usher in new discoveries that make the world healthier, safer, and more abundant.

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